Lavendar Lace – A Washoe Indian and NorthStar California Mystery

A twenty-three year old intern designed a mind-altering device for the CIA.  She goes to college to get her degree so she can become an agent with the CIA.  A CIA operative sold Lavendar Lace’s name to the Russian War Room and to the Russian Terrorists as the developer of this weapon.  When Lavendar Lace goes on winter break to NorthStar skiing resort, gunmen with automatic weapons try to kill her.  The Russians are determined to capture Lavendar Lace and she is  rescued and protected by a Washoe Indian.  The CIA joins in on protecting Lavendar Lace as her mind is something the American Government wants.

This is a fast paced, exciting novel.  I hope all my fans enjoy reading this novel.  Thanks for all your support.