Dragons, Kings, and the Blazing Slicklizzard Heart Trees

I thought my fans would like to know the origin of my book.  I always loved dragons and there were never enough books on the market for me, so I decided to write my own books.  I have always been an avid reader (10-12 books per week) from a young age and have read almost all the books in the genres of mystery, horror, fantasy, and urban fantasy.  I have even written a few poems.

The plot for my book series named Dragons, Kings, and the Blazing Slicklizzard Heart Trees, I have had since I was ten years old.  I made a slight alteration to the Heart Trees.  Instead of entering the trees in a secret compartment, I decided to have a face of an evil soul appear in the gnarled roots of the Heart trees, one who talked with those seeking its help in their evil adventures.  Grace was the only person I had designed before writing my books and she is my twin in my mind.  With Grace and my Heart Trees in mind, one day I started to write and had books one, two and three written before I even had the first book published.  My creative words just had to come out!

My youngest son, David Angelo who went by the name of Tripp with his friends, kept encouraging me to write my novel and he assisted me in the design of the dragons as he loved dragons and crafted dragon tattoos for the local tattoo parlors.  With encouragement like that, how could I not do something to please my son.  My oldest son, Michael Thomas, shared the good books that had dragons in them that he enjoyed.  One day I started to write and my story kept growing in leaps and bounds and I am now just finishing the fourth book of the above named series.  I incorporated names of local resident members in my book and that really excited the local area to take notice of my book.  I only used their names and the residents had to wait for the book to find out what part they would be playing in my books.  I based the resident characters with the traits the real people showed in their lives as I had observed them.

My book is a life-like scenario that starts in modern times and moves to ancient times.  I have developed my writing styles throughout my life and always had the dramatic flair of a creative writer.  I was able to do in fiction what could never be done in modern life.  My characters poured from my heart and when I got inside my characters I could write for long hours and not notice the time flying by.  My creative juices flow fast and furious when writing longhand.  I have tried typing my books and cannot be as creative when I hear the keys clicking.  So, I write my books in journals and then type them up after the fact.  It is what works for me.