Dragons, Kings, and the Blazing Slicklizzard Heart Trees Book One

Goldendere the Great is the most feared High Sorcerer in ancient times and makes a good fatherly companion to Grace as she faces her trials and tribulations.  When a child loses their parents at such a tender age, the child feels lost, depressed, and sometimes actually hates the world.  Goldendere and his son, Belgand the Magnificent, will not let Grace get into the phase where she hates the world.  All children who have lost their parents experience a terrible loss and hope to find a fatherly figure to become a second father to them. Grace is blessed with two adopted fathers in ancient times as she struggles to find her place.

Goldendere wants the best for Grace, as any father would, and struggles with what Grace’s first intentions were in coming to ancient times, what she has become – the most feared Sorceress of ancient times, and worries where his somewhat adopted daughter is going to end up.  He feels it is his fault for the monster he has created from such a shy, timid, and unsure youngling.  Goldendere beams with pride when Grace becomes a wonderful daughter to him, and is glad Grace has been able to balance good and evil in the actions she is forced to perform in her Black Magic Arts.

I, myself found a secondary father, one who brought blessings to my life as a father should, even when I became a young adult.  My mother’s death was devastating for me but my secondary father helped heal those wounds.  I have been able to make Goldendere a prominent character in my book that helps to ease Grace’s pain as a young adult.  So many parents in Xenia, Ohio are estranged from their children, not caring where they end up in life, and they cannot find their way until someone reaches out to help them.

We all need a little more love in our hearts, and need to become a person with a Christian heart helping those in need, those that are going the wrong and evil way in life, so we can be proud in doing our Christian duty.  My son, David Angelo, had a loving heart and reached out to all in need, even when they caused their own problems.  When David Angelo died, people from ages 16 to 84 attended his funeral telling of how he affected their lives and changing their lives for the better.  I molded Goldendere’s character using my youngest son’s characteristics, showering his love and affection on both his son, Belgand, and his adopted daughter, Grace.