Dragons, Kings, and the Blazing Slicklizzard Heart Trees Book One

Grace is a character in my book that is based on young adults trying to fit into life.  Many young adults feel displaced in modern times as they struggle to find their niche and importance in life.

I evolved Grace’s character using my character traits and childhood struggles.  Grace could not find her importance or acceptance in modern times.  As Grace faces her struggles in life, she finds that she can find her purpose in the ancient times not as Lady Grace, but as the most feared Sorceress of all times.  Finally, Grace finds that ancient times gives her life real purpose, love, and the determination to succeed.

All young adults can find their importance in life as real life accepts them or as a fantasy world evolves around them making them feel they are accepted.  Becoming a character in a fantasy realm is exciting as well as challenging and worth sharing with all members of the reading world.